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This post was originally published at Songbird. If you like DIY inspiration of the home and decor kind, than please visit me there.


My blog Songbird was featured at Beautiful Blog Designs

Beautiful Blog Designs is a highly informational blog that provides you with buck loads of inspiration, information, tutorials and references to make your blog look and work better.

I stumbled onto Amanda’s blog while bloghopping to other day. I wish I had found her a couple of months ago when I was knee deep trying to dig my way out of the HTML mess I had created while giving my blog a makeover. She could really have saved me a lot of time and headaches.

Printscreen blog 21 augustus 09My old blogdesign, handmade by yours truly too 

And just in case (although I really don’t know why you would be so maybe just skip this session) any of your are interested in making my blog experience on your blog more pleasurable, here are some of the things you can do to your blog to make me really happy:

  • Big Pictures! I want details, glorious details. If you are showing me something, then please really show it off to these old eyes of mine.~
  • Go to your google profile and mark the box ‘show my email’, that way you don’t show up as a ‘no reply blogger’ in my inbox when you comment on my blog and I can communicate with you so much easier. 
  • Turn of the automatic music on your blog, it always scares the hell out of me and makes your blog load very slowly (and I can sneak in a peak on your blog while ‘watching’ television or during my lunch break at work).
  • Add the subscribe button to your blog (blogger has it in the gadgets section), if I want to subscribe and can’t find the button I often forget (or don’t bother) to do it manually.
  • Keep blogging to you own hearts content! Don’t apologize if life gets in the way sometimes, it happens to all of us. But reading ‘I am so sorry I didn’t blog for so long’ a lot of times can get a bit tedious. 

21 vogeltjesboom_003 Totally unrelated picture but I wanted to break the text up a bit.

Ok stepping of my soap box now. And feel free to totally ignore or disagree with me, I just wanted to give you my totally unimportant opinion here.

There are many wise and knowledgeable women out there who can really help you with your blog and your blogging experience. If you know what to look for the internet can help you with anything.

Here are a couple of my favorite ‘go-to’ blogsters.

For help with photography or photoshop: Pioneer Woman is the absolute best.

For help with blogdesign or blog questions: Darcy (Life with My 3boybarians), Melanie (Blogging Basis 101), Karla (Modern Media Mom), Amanda (Blogger Buster).

For a good discussion about blog etiquette (read the comment section too!) go to Beth’s wonderful blog (The Stories of A to Z).
And Donna of Funky Junk Interiors asked for critique and got it! Part one is here and a summary of all the comments can be found in part two here .
And our very own queen of vignettes Jeannette shared how it feels to have your hard work and beautiful pictures ripped off, you can read her post here (in Dutch but if you don’t understand Dutch go there anyway and look at her amazing talent and use the translate widget).

So do you care at all about the design of a blog? Do you have things you particularly like, love or hate on blogs? Do you agree with me or do you think I have no idea what I am talking about? Please let me know I love to hear your opinion.

Always with Love,

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  1. I'm trying to make my blog look nicer but it can be a bit of a nightmare juggling everything I need on there! I want to use my own image for the background and a banner, but have yet to create one large and clear enough. I like to look around for ideas on other blogs, too.